C1950 Sterling dentist operating stool

C1950 Sterling dentist operating stool

Code: 10113


H: 71.5cm (28.1")Di: 33cm (13")


Superb original 1950's Dentist stool maufactured by Sterling has a heavy steel base and steel column, the seat is height adjustable and posture adjustable too. to adjust the height you simply twist the leather seat up or down to the required height. Once seated, with feet flat on the floor, one can alter their posture by pushing with the feet the stool is sprung loaded and will allow the stool to move to angle of 45 degrees if required. an ideal tool for someone who requires greater flexiblity in ther work ie a tattoo artist or such like. A very good good industrial look. 

The stool is in remarkable good solid condtion, a few scratches to the base paint work